I spent 3 years in America, basically east coast. Now I'm back in Shanghai, China. My city. I feel it's regretful never wrote some thought public.

When I was there, I felt reluctant to tell anyone that how I feel in a foreign land. Especially there are lots of people just full of hate and always try to misunderstand any expression.

There were some great memories but I have never wrote them down. Recently I deleted some temporary photos to free up my iPhone usage. And I just found that there are so many sweet days and beloved stories, OMG, I feel I almost forgot they ever happened.

Based on my self-awareness, my memory in the recent years doesn't serve me well. I don't have its performance measured but I just can't trust it.

I better write them down.

Dot suggested me to write a book. Maybe he saw my sometimes-emerging skill on writing. Maybe he was just sayin. I guess I will think about it later.